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Mothers and their Baby

Our Approach

We truly enjoy the exploratory process of helping people to learn more about themselves: how they think, why certain things might be challenging for them, and where intervention might be able to help. We find this process works best when it is collaborative and grounded in compassionate curiosity. Instead of, "What's wrong with you?" we prefer to ask, "What can we learn about that interesting brain of yours?" It is the differences between people that make us unique and special, and every person we've ever worked with has been a singular, distinctive individual. That said, sometimes it can be helpful to have verbal "shortcuts" to refer to certain patterns of strengths, challenges, behaviors, etc. 

These shortcuts sometimes take the form of psychological diagnoses, which can be used to help direct treatment, justify insurance reimbursement, and identify others who might have similar experiences. For us, the diagnosis is not the goal of assessment, but a by-product. The true purpose of the evaluation process is to help you find the answers to important questions you might have. Are you a mother who is worried about her baby? A teenager who wonders if there are others like you? An adult who has felt "different," but couldn't explain why?  Montfort Psychology Associates can help you find the answers to your most important questions.

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