Gradient Ocean

Specializing in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Diagnostic & Educational Assessment

Everyone needs some help and guidance at times. Our diagnostic and educational assessments can help provide insight into the ways people think and act. These insights, in turn, guide treatment recommendations and suggested strategies. Each assessment culminates in a comprehensive evaluation report that summarized relevant history, information collected, results of testing, diagnostic considerations, a complete summary, and recommendations. 

These evaluations can be described as a "snapshot" of your or your child's functioning at a specific moment in time. Because people grow, learn, and develop over time, many families choose to return after a few years to get a new, updated picture of of how the client is functioning, along with updated treatment recommendations.


We specialize in complex, subtle, or "tricky" cases. Many of our clients have received multiple conflicting diagnoses or inconsistent results from previous professionals. When this happens, we find that there is often a more parsimonious explanation that is able to integrate ALL of the existing information into a single, coherent case conceptualization. Organizing confusing or conflicting information can help individuals and/or their families to feel more confident in selecting treatment approaches and be more effective and efficient with their resources.  

Parent Coaching & Family Therapy

Our experience working with a variety of families, including those with developmental, behavioral, and/or mental health conditions that interfere with their ability to function together, has given us a broad variety of tools and strategies that can help in these situations. As we often say, all of our best ideas have come from other families who, when faced with similar challenges, have developed creative, effective solutions to those challenges.

When families, parents, or couples are faced with these types of challenges, we are able to serve as guides or coaches.  Our primary role is to help the family to find the techniques or strategies that work best for them. 


The Neurodiverse Community

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Trauma & Adoption

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Child & Adolescent Therapy

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